Tuesday, July 6, 2010

mini crochet bunting..really cute...

made this for fun, would look better up on the wall...used up some scraps of wool..wouldnt one be cute in a nursery!! a longer one in certain colours to complement a nursery theme...
i have made 2 different sizes cause some wool was thicker than the other. if a certain person who is having a baby in dec and already has a cute son would like me to create her one when she finds out whats shes having i promise to make all squares the same size.
sorry photos arent great..im hating my stupid camera..i miss my old one who understood me...sigh...


  1. You are tooo cute miss leelee!
    Makes me smile cry!

  2. What a cute idea! Looks great. I love that piece of furniture!

  3. got furniture off trade me a few years ago, its new but meant to look old and distressed, its my favourite colour so i had to have it, i got it secondhand for bout $250.

  4. oh what fun! sweet, colourful and crafty :)


  5. Your bunting is gorgeous! Thanks for your comments on my blanket, I'm hoping the end product will look ok, I'm not loving it just yet! It's super easy though, just a basic trebble the whole way...If you can master those cute granny's you can do anything I'd say!

  6. I like the varying sizes. Do you sell these? With 4 mantles in the house, I could totally pictures this as as sweet decoration!