Saturday, October 2, 2010

link ur stuff...@ annemarie's

theres some linking going on over at annemarie's breiblog, i linked up and had a good nosey at others craftiness...check it out ;)
enjoy ur weekend


  1. Thank you so much! Your beautiful package arrived today. How sweet of you to think about all of us! Someone told me today that they thought Nuriel would be a dancer one day & the cute lil' top reminds me of the grace of a ballerina. I love the greenstone (I think it is?) pieces! I had looked at a few when visiting NZ, one bracelet just like this to be specific, but then decided not to buy it - which I later regretted. The boys were thrilled with their treasures, too! Must go eat another chocolate fish. My first time seeing mini ones. Thank you so much!!!

    (I can't find an e-mail for you, so I'm posting it here.)

  2. I reposted it. Go and have another Cadi fix! Ha!!!