Wednesday, September 29, 2010

finished crochet pillow

finished pillow a while ago but have had sick kids so alas no time to blog, i also managed to turn 30, eeeek. not sure how i feel about that at the mo, have decided to turn 35 twice if i can get away with it! lol the back is just a big granny square

miss'e in a vintage inspired "run scotty run" top, thanks Lacey!! i worked in a swanky childrens store before i had babies and fell hard for , fred bare, rsr, gumboots, mini haha, hum, thunderwear and more. luckily i brought some key pieces (and half the stock) when the shop closed down (bargains galore) so have some nice things for my babies, and to pass on to friends kids when im done.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

crochet pillow cover...

working on my first cushion cover and came up with this...
just have to do the back now
(the pattern for the center of square here from Annemarie's Breiblog i did the outside a bit different but it looks the same)

still working on miss e's blanket so its all about lots of circles!!

hope everyone out in the blog'sphere is great ;)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

my babies...

Cadi over at Chocolate Fishies (formerly MaeheGirl) has a new addition to her beautiful family and it has made me all gooey over newborns, so here are my to bubs at the same age.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

double crochet hat...EASY!!

tried my first crochet hat in the weekend, it wasnt to good, so i sucked it up and had another go with a stripe one for master j and it looked way better...only thing is the stripes dont match up cause its a spiral not seperate rounds..oh well the wee wild man looves it so much he sleeps in it!

miss e keeps taking hers off and trying to eat it!!!
but i managed a blurry shot...

master j call it his"pompom ball hat"

he was watching me like a hawk waiting for me to finish his new hat, that when it was done so was he!!!!!

yes those eyelashes are for real!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

granny stripe..yay ive started..

here is the beginning of the granny stripe blanket...its not perfect as its not even at the sides and not totally straight...but im hoping with a border it will look better...

i found the pattern at attic24...i know you crocheters have been to that amazing blog, and if u havent...GO NOW...and take a look